To the fallen of that infamous day and their heartbroken families and friends, to the heroic rescue workers who sacrificed themselves with honor and dignity, to all who have since suffered inestimable loss, and to people of goodwill and kind deeds—this book is lovingly dedicated to you.

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This site is a place where caring individuals can align our efforts to create a more hospitable planet. In case you haven't noticed, our world is at the point of obliteration and it requires our immediate assistance in order to evolve into a safer and saner society.

That's why 9/11 Truth Be Told was written, and this site built; our aim is to bring together the people, regardless of political affiliation, race, creed, or inclination and raise the quality of life on this planet for every member of the human race. The fact that you are reading this is evidence that you care. We welcome you to the team of the good-hearted and look forward to doing great things together! Read the book and join us in creating a better world


Chapter 1

A New Yorker's Perspective

Chapter 2

The Author's 9/11 Experience

Chapter 3

Present-Day Orientation

Chapter 4

The Government's Fleecing of the People

Chapter 5

Bank or Bust

Chapter 6

Media's Hidden Agenda

Chapter 7

Healthcare Socialism

Chapter 8

Stock Market Misconceptions

Chapter 9

Government-Imposed Economic Slavery

Chapter 10

The FDA Passes Poison; Politicians Get Rich

Chapter 11

The Medical Mafia

Chapter 12

Unsustainable Economics

Chapter 13

The Constitution and the State of Banking

Chapter 14

Courts, Police, and Prisons

Chapter 15

War Is the Problem

Chapter 16

Reverberations of War

Chapter 17

Rebuilding a Broken World

Chapter 18

Religious Philosophies Exposed

Chapter 19

The People's World Order

Chapter 20

America's Leading Role in Societal Evolution

Chapter 21

Organize or We All Die

Chapter 22

Gun Control: The Magic Pill

Chapter 23

Human Farming

Chapter 24

Our Emancipation


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Fill In The Missing Pieces…

What has happened to our world? Despite once being the beacon of freedom and hope, America has slowly withered into a nation of corrupt character and chaos, a nation the Founding Fathers would hardly recognize. Politicians fight like petty children calling each other names and fail to provide the people a safe and sane environment. Instead, we live in a world fit for an insane asylum and filled with too much hate, death, and war.

9/11 And The World Today discusses the methods used to enslave humanity and deprive us all of a more fulfilling life, free from an over-reaching federal government. This work presents details about secretive relations, international agreements, and government policies that ensure most of the world's population remains in a state of diminished human capacity.

Rather than demanding that our governments uplift civilization, we consent to a world filled with continual war, chaos, and suffering which ensures the wealthy and powerful retain their advantages and wealth while the rest of us live in a world full of struggle and injustice.

The solution for a better civilization lies within each of us. It is time for us to take action and free ourselves from the chains of enslavement that collectively bind us. Read 9/11 Truth Be Told and help change the course of humanity before it's too late!


David Wakeen


David Wakeen was born in Lowell, Massachusetts, the home of America's Industrial Revolution. He was raised in the adjacent town of Tewksbury. In 1984 he graduated Merrimack College with a bachelor's degree in Computer Science and a concentration in economics. He attended one semester of graduate school studying advanced math and computer science. After becoming frustrated with the limitations of the university system, he spent decades independently studying a vast array of diversified subjects including, among others, alternative energy, aquaculture, economics, finance, history, insurance, international treaties, law, medicine, politics, and taxes.

David is an Energy Risk Insurance Specialists in the oil and gas industry and a Certified Neurosomatic Specialist. He is an author, business, internet, and personal consultant, entrepreneur, inventor, musician, and philosopher. In 2016 he founded Wakeen and works with investors to build new products that enhance the world and provide for a better environment.

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